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Download the target below, print it out and enjoy the practice often.


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Here is my latest Project. It is a Glock model 40, six inch barrel, 10mm, with adjustable rear sight (windage & elevation). It comes with three 15-round magazines, and I added a 10-round magazine so it is legal for hunting in Kentucky. It came from the factory with less than a four pound trigger pull, I just polished a few key surfaces to make it a little smoother. Then I cut front cocking serrations, and Cerakoted the slide in burn bronze, and changed out the slide stop for the "American-style" slide stop (not shown here). It handles the power of the 10mm easily, and will comfortably gobble down ammo as long as I want to feed it. My 180 grain reloads clocked 1206 fps average, and are comfortable to shoot.