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The 117th Congress' method of doing things:  Don't think. Just do something.

Let's hope the 118th tries thinking.

ATTENTION:  Binary trigger shoppers beware. I have seen three Franklin Armory binary triggers in the last two years. None worked right out of the box. Choose wisely, Grasshopper.

Download the target below, print it out and enjoy the practice often.


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What's Your Gun Made of?

Is your gun made of "sacrificial zinc"? This term, "sacrificial zinc" is a nautical term, and should have nothing to do with firearms. You see, if you take any metal (except maybe gold) and expose it to water (especially salt water) it will react. If it is iron or steel we call it rust, and so we coat metals with something to protect it. But, if that coating gets even the slightest scratch in it, it starts to corrode in that spot. That is where zinc comes in. Most quality boats, and even large ships have what is called sacrificial zinc attached under water somewhere, sometimes hundreds of pounds of it. Zinc reacts with about everything, and will greatly slow the corrosion process for other metals. However, eventually the zinc will dissolve if not replaced, and then the steel or most other metals will start to corrode at the normal speed. This is why I believe zinc has no business in the makeup of firearms. What part of your firearm are you willing to sacrifice in-order to save the rest of it?

So, if you like to shop for "bargains" at gun shows, take a magnet with you. When you are examining a gun, determine what is polymer, and what is metal (or wood). Everything that is metal should be steel or aluminum. It is quite difficult without a chemistry set to tell the difference between aluminum and zinc. So be very suspicious of nonmagnetic metals. It just may be sacrificial zinc.

Facebook:  A thing of the past

I have completely given up on Facebook. My son helped find a "back door" to my Facebook page. Once I got in to it, I deleted it. If he could find a backdoor into my Facebook, so can anyone else. Use it at your own peril. You won't see Precision Guncrafters on Facebook.