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Hopefully, you have already noticed that I don't want Joe Biden fans for customers. With his recent executive actions, he has now started to go after your guns, and my business. If anyone has been paying attention to national politics for the last decade or so, you should not be surprised (except maybe because he didn't start this the day after his inauguration).

Download the target below, print it out and enjoy the practice often.


(PDF — 122 KB)

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I occasionally list guns for sale on If you would like to be added to this mailing list (U.S. residents only), please fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page. I will not sell or use this information for anything but to let you know when I auction firearms and/or accessories. Just mention you want to be added to my auction emailing in the "Comments" section.

Facebook:  A thing of the past

I have completely given up on Facebook. My son helped find a "back door" to my Facebook page. Once I got in to it, I deleted it. If he could find a backdoor into my Facebook, so can anyone else. Use it at your own peril. You won't see Precision Guncrafters on Facebook.