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Thanks for visiting Precision Guncrafters. Due to some unacceptable changes by Facebook, there is no longer a Precision Guncrafters Facebook page. They have been fired.

COVID-19 special notice:  The shop is only accepting new work by appointment.

We hope you can find everything you need. Precision Guncrafters is focused on providing high-quality custom gunsmithing at reasonable prices. Nearly any handgun or shotgun can be improved and/or customized to the tastes of its owner. That is where a professional gunsmith comes in. The owner of Precision Guncrafters is certified by the American Gunsmithing Institute of Napa, California in pistolsmithing, shotguns, .22 rimfire, and center fire rifles.

Bad news for my customers: I now have to charge Kentucky sales tax on my labor for walk-in customers. For out-of-state customers, I believe that is still exempt as interstate commerce.

NOTICE to Taurus owners: It has become so difficult to obtain parts for Taurus firearms that I will no longer take in most Taurus products for repair. Most Taurus parts are not available from the industry standard parts distributors, so I waste more time on hold with Taurus than it takes to repair the gun if I can get the part.


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